Free LSAT Prep Materials in DC

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Free LSAT Prep Materials in DC

Postby GULCgirl » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:46 pm

I recently graduated law school and I'm looking to get rid of my LSAT prep material. I have tons of material from taking the LSAT and also from a few years teaching and tutoring it. I've only kept the best books and the ones with untouched sections/tests in them. All of the books I have are at least partially used, but there are tons of untouched sections and even untouched tests. I scored in the top 1%, so hopefully my notes will be helpful (or, at least, not misleading).

I will give the materials to whoever can pick them up from me, with preference to whoever can pick them up first. I am in DC (Chinatown/Mt. Vernon area). Please message me to arrange pick up if you are interested.

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