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Study Process

Postby cantthinkofgoodname » Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:34 pm

Hello everyone,

So I have just recently got into my LSAT study and I was looking for some feedback regarding my general approach for studying.

Please note that in writing out this general approach, I want to extensively cover pretty much all the material I possibly can, so if this schedule takes upwards of even up to a year for the June 2014 administration of the LSAT I'm OK with that (or even later if need be). I would rather thoroughly and fully prepare so that I can do my best rather than take it before I'm ready.

So in looking at TLS and some of the general thoughts that people have regarding LSAT study process, it seems to me that many people generally agree that a good study program is based on three stages and is more/less as follows:

Stage 1:
I've gathered that in this stage it's all about learning and covering the preperation materials (corret me if I'm wrong). Specifically, it seems that most TLSers agree that you should be covering:
Powerscore LGB
Powerscore LRB
Manhattan LG, LR, and RC
And I was thinking of going over the Blueprint books as well
And as there seems to be less books on RC (or if there are some please let me know) I was going to really reference TLS for RC strategies, guides, etc.

Any other preperation book materials that are well accepted by TLSers???

And the whole time I also plan on reading various publications dedicated to improving my reading comprehension (Economist, Scientific American, other suggestions TLSers might have). As well as doing "Logic Game cross training" (Sudoku etc.)

Stage 2:
DRILL DRILL DRILL DRILL and Review Review Review!!!!!
And it seems that the favorite method of organizing and going about this drilling (based on my TLS viewing) is to use the Cambridge bundles and drill the materials as they have organized for PT 1-38.

And in reading around TLS I have vividily noticed that REVIEW IS A MUST!!!! And to go about this review I have noticed that one should not only go over why an answer is correct, but also why the other answer choices are incorrect (and at times what type of question or stimulus could be used to make a particular incorrect answer choice actually be the correct one).

Further, one should study and review such that they are looking for logical similarities and patterns between different questions so that this recognition can provide improvement and references for future questions that have such similarities. Writing out an analysis seems to be helpful for this as well.

And of course keep reading The Economist and other recommended materials (plus Soduku etc.). Luckily for me I actually find The Economist quite interesting (business major).

Stage 3:
Full length PTs and EXTENSIVE REVIEW on them. And again, based on what I have looked at on TLS it seems that it's best to do pts 40 and above as these newer ones are more relevant.

And I have also noticed that during this third stage you should be working on endurance as well. Thus, doing 5 section tests (or two back-to-back four section tests) is certainly prudent here.

Onward to test day!!

So yea, let me know if this is a generally well-accepted overall approach. As I have said at a couple points above, it seems like this is a generally prudent approach for LSAT study. And when I just think about it for a minute it makes snese that this would be a good set-up with learning first, implementing that learning by drilling, and then putting it all together in test practice (and I guess that is why I have generally seen such an approach on TLS).

And since the latter two stages seem to be mostly set up with established materials (Cambridge bundles in Stage 2 and PTs in Stage 3) these stages seem like it would be more difficult to add new materials to them (correct me if I'm wrong). However, in the first stage it seems like there is a tremendous amount of material one can select from in order to study. So that being said, I was wondering what suggestions people had for adding materials to the first stage.


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Re: Study Process

Postby Jeffort » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:28 pm

Looks good.

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Re: Study Process

Postby mvonh001 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:35 pm

Jeffort wrote:Looks good.


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Postby 10052014 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:59 pm

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Re: Study Process

Postby cantthinkofgoodname » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:17 am

thx for the feedback!!

A quick question I have now, however, is pertaining to drilling and studying RC.

As I said, I'll be going through Stage 1 (the learning stage) for all three section types, and as such it will be awhile until I hit the drilling stage.

As I also said, I will be using the various different TLS and other sites' strategies, recommendations, methods, etc. for RC (also, any recommended books for RC??)

I am just thinking though that, due to my plans on reading the various publications on LR and LG (as listed in my first post above), it will be quite some time before the drilling stage (which I am fine with). But I am just wondering if it is ok to be going through all of these different online RC guides without seeing passages and then drilling the passages later on along with the LR and LG sections?


would it be valuable to drill RC sections (while going through various guides of course) now while I am going though LG and LR books?

I feel like I would rather drill RC while I am drilling the other two sections and as such I was thinking that I would go through the various TLS and online guides that are highly endorsed for RC and apply those methods to publications that TLSers recommend reading to help with RC (such as The Economist and Scientific American etc). And then of course once I am ready to drill LR and LG I would be drilling RC as well (using the Cambridge packages for all three sections, naturally). Would this method be valuable? I as I said, I would rather drill all three sections at the same time

Thanks again!


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Re: Study Process

Postby scandk » Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:40 am

cantthinkofgoodname wrote:Any other preperation book materials that are well accepted by TLSers??? ... 0989081508

The author (co-author of the Manhattan books) has an AMA open on the forums, and people have written their thoughts on the book in the thread. Overwhelmingly positive. Here's the link: ... 6&t=209573


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Re: Study Process

Postby cantthinkofgoodname » Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:12 pm

Thx, I'll check this out for sure. Though it might be a bit of time before I do as I am just starting manhattan. But thanks for the tip!

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