Need help planning for Oct. test
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Need help planning for Oct. test

Postby » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:32 am

So here's the situation guys, Ill be coming home from Europe next week and want to immediately start prepping for October. I prepped for about two months before going to Europe and got to about where I want to be on LR and RC (probably average -2 on each section, sometimes -1 sometimes -3), so the main thing I need to focus on is LG. I went through most of the power score bible but had to leave and didn't like their strategies that much so I figured I would do the Manhattan book instead when I got back as my starting point. From there I'm not sure what the best next step is. I've heard good things about velocity and 7sage, but I'm not sure how well they combine with manhattan etc. So basically Ill have 7 weeks, the first three with no school/work so LOTS of time to prep and then the beginning of school I'm taking an easy load this semester so ill also have as much time as I need. Does this look like a good schedule?

Week 1: Go through Manhattan LG, do a few LR/RC
Week 2: LG drilling? Velocity/7sage? LR/RC drilling
Week 3: Start full PTs and keep doing LG drilling
Week 4-5: same as above
Week 6-7: recent full PTs

What I'm looking for is a good schedule for really getting LG down so I'm doing -1/-0 by test. Thanks guys!

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Re: Need help planning for Oct. test

Postby tuffyjohnson » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:58 am

I've looked at a lot of LG material and can say that Powerscore is not the best of the bunch anymore. After doing Velocity and Blueprint I would put them both on top of powerscore and likely would have Velocity on top for LG.
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Re: Need help planning for Oct. test

Postby » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:53 am

So is velocity a stand alone course ie I should start with it?

Also bump for more replies

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