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Postby dadownclub8 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:08 pm

Hi everyone. I've been prepping for the October LSAT as diligently as I can (I work full time as well) and am concerned that I may not be ready to hit my peak by the time October 5th comes around but am not certain. I've started to entertain thoughts about taking the LSAT in December. A few questions though:

1) I have a LSAC fee waiver, so if I were to register for the October 5th LSAT, does anyone know if I were to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline of September 13, how that would work? Do I still have my full fee waiver for an exam then?

2) Has anybody with a fee waiver used it to change their test date when they haven't felt ready? Did you need to pay extra?

3) Opinions on if my concerns are normal, legitimate, or a bit far reaching as I still have some time before the exam.

4) How badly is my application off I were to use the December LSAT score?

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

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Postby Dr. Dre » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:09 am

4) According to Law School Expert, Ann K. Levine it won't matter as long as you apply early January and no later. Even XO poasters impart this prescient advice: "the added points will be more important." Lastly, if you are thinking Yale Law School, they don't care.

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