Retake Strategy Question

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Retake Strategy Question

Postby hos9903 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:05 pm

Hey everyone....I have just decided to retake in October. I scored a 167 in June (first time). Breakdown as follows:

LG: -0
LR I: -3
RC: -6
LR II: -7

I probably took 12ish PTs total, but did a lot of single timed sections sections ("drilling?") followed by brief checking wrong answers. I also took a Kaplan prep course.

I'm concerned that my approach last time left me with little material to work with going forward (I did a lot of sections). I'm also thinking that my approach may not have attacked the actual logic strong enough, and rather just focused mechanics.

So basically looking for help with two things: should I invest in some books like Manhattan or PS to get a deeper understanding of the material? And also, any advice on overcoming the smaller supply of testing materials this time around?

Really looking to break 170 this time, and I appreciate any advice. Thanks!


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Re: Retake Strategy Question

Postby mmbt123 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:58 pm

What was most helpful for me was taking practice tests so get more of those. Since you've only taken like 12, there should be plenty of material for you to work w/. Kaplan also has some series where they explain every single answer on the test. I would go through every single one of the questions for one of those tests and see if there's a pattern in what you're getting wrong then drill those intensively.

It looks like your LR2 score was an anomaly so I could focus heavily on that for now while maintaining your LG and RC skills.

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