PT 44 RC Science Passage - Neurotrophic factors and NGF

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PT 44 RC Science Passage - Neurotrophic factors and NGF

Postby nothingtosee » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:48 pm

I've read, and reread, and reread this passage. RC is usually my strongest section, but really hard science sections can trip me up. I consider this one of the denser science passages.

Questions are on:

15. I don't see why D is a better answer than C. Is C insufficient because it doesn't cover the third paragraph?
Because D to me seems to not sufficiently cover the second paragraph.

18. E is correct, I said C. I know it's fishy to answer a question claiming "few" remain just because "many" perish. But I don't see where in the text is evidence that there are nerve cells that do not connect with any particular target cell.

19. I said B, instead of A. I see why A is a better answer, but I want to understand why B is WRONG. Is it because we are given the results of the research into the "Produce too many nerve cells" hypothesis, but are not presented with how the experiment was actually carried out?

To whoever decides to dive in to this...I owe you one.


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Re: PT 44 RC Science Passage - Neurotrophic factors and NGF

Postby ws81086n » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:23 am

answer to 15 is B. C and D are too strong in their claims. "necessary" is the problem in both instances. for 18, the passage says that during the development of nerve cells, some of them will die, and this could certainly be before they connect with a target cell. seems like you had the right idea for why c is wrong. as for 19, (a) should be obvious from the passage.

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