Worth it to Take LSAT in October

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Worth it to Take LSAT in October

Postby Xixak » Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:52 pm

Might sound like a weird question but it's not. I'm actually about to start my junior year and haven't started studying yet. Would it be wise to start studying now and take the LSAT in October or wait until next year?

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Re: Worth it to Take LSAT in October

Postby Otunga » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:26 pm

Wait until next year, if you must choose between the two options. People will debate with you on these forums about whether or not you should take it your senior year, nevermind. One big reason for this is that you should be focusing solely on your GPA right now, and LSAT studying could no doubt hinder your ability to do that. Another reason is that there isn't much need to rush to law school. It's good to get some perspective outside of school before you jump right back into it. Of course, this is something you don't appreciate until after you graduate. But the first reason I cited is something that should be convincing right now.

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Re: Worth it to Take LSAT in October

Postby PDaddy » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:39 pm

+1 to the above advice!

I don't understand why PR and some of these other "experts" advise people to take the LSAT before they have finished their UG studies. Many of them advise taking it in June following their junior year, which - from a strategic standpoint - not only goes against every other bit of sound LSAT-related advice spouted by these same experts, but puts the student at risk for dropping that precious UGPA.

Your upper-division and in-major course grades are the most important part of your transcript. Adcoms look more at how you finish than how you start, which is natural because your junior and senior year performances are more likely to indicate the type of student you will be as a 1L. This isn't true in each individual case, but in the aggregate it is true. A sub-par senior year performance is and should be a red flag to adcoms.

Ideally you want six months of concentrated LSAT study, which will culminate in your taking the test just ONCE and getting the best score you can. You need to take at least 30 full, timed practice tests. There are potentially up to 10 study books from which you will want to study, or at least skim through before taking the practice exams. You may also want to study LSAT questions by type after isolating the question types that give you the most trouble.

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