cambridge drilling books

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cambridge drilling books

Postby lemons » Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:34 pm

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Re: cambridge drilling books

Postby TheMostDangerousLG » Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:37 pm

lemons wrote:after reviewing my powerscore bibles, i wanted to get started on drilling by question type... i have a number of recent tests from a prep course i took a few months ago (mostly PT 40 and up) so while I was thinking of buying the cambridge books to focus on specific problem areas, i don't want too much of an overlap.

if i buy volume 2 (from PT 21-40) would the questions still be as useful as the ones from more recent exams? or should i just buy the newer volume even though that means i will essentially be getting no new questions out of the books, but rather just the questions sorted by type?

thanks for any advice! :)

You should buy the questions from PTs 1-38, and take PTs 39+ as full preptests. The questions from PTs 1-38 are useful for improving your skill in a particular area and specific question types (e.g., if you're struggling with "flaw" questions in LR).

Also, I'd recommend buying the online PDFs (which include Qs from PTs 1-38) instead of the books, so you can reprint, and just print out the individual questions types (handy if you're a student who is already hauling around a bunch of books in their bag). You can find bundles of the question type PDFs here: If you're just struggling on a few particular question types, you can also buy PDFs of just one question type at a time (although it ultimately adds up to slightly more money, I believe). Those are available here:

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