Bouncing Back

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Bouncing Back

Postby Irundistance » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:37 pm

Any of you felt discouraged and lost when prepping for the LSAT? I know not everyone is a self study, 160+ diagnostic right out the gate. How did you guys move forward when you felt in a rut and lost hope. What steps did you take when you realized you needed outside help. Looking for some inspirational stories here! Thanks!

The LSAT Trainer

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Re: Bouncing Back

Postby The LSAT Trainer » Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:08 pm

one practical note -- i think it's really helpful to have specific goals, and tangible proof of accomplishments -- if you wake up and say "i'm going to study the lsat all day" and prop open a book, and say to yourself at the end of the day that hopefully you got better because you put in X number of hours, you are far less likely to be successful than you would be if you can say "okay, today my goal is X (something specific, like mastering conditional logic for example, or firming up your habits for a specific LR question type)," and then you present yourself with work that validates what you are doing (for example, you do a drill on conditional logic at beginning and end of your studies to see how much you've improved).

I think that improving is addictive. You see it in the folks who start to get the ball rolling downhill, and start figuring out exactly how to get better -- they start seeing more and more tangible proof of improvement, and they want to work more and more -- obviously this is all easier said than done, but see if setting small, specific goals, and having specific ways to gauge improvement, helps you feel a bit more in control and helps you get the sense that you are moving forward --

now, some motivational videos -- not sure what floats your boat, so here's a variety --

jordan --

if you don't mind some cheesiness and if you like kinetic type --

if you are a special snowflake --

and finally, a tls favorite -- if you don't mind 'roids and governators --

-- mk

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Re: Bouncing Back

Postby Clyde Frog » Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:45 pm

The Arnold video is awesome

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