Considering Cancelling Score

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Considering Cancelling Score

Postby maxandcheese » Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:13 am

Hello! Seeking some opinions on whether or not to cancel my score. During my 4th and 5th sections I experience what was for me a complete nightmare. Despite this, I still think my score has some potential. Helppppp meeee....

I apologize in advance for such a lengthy post, and I realize that this particular type of thread is quite common and might get annoying to readers. Also, I would ask those responding to give at least some background on their own experience with the test (took this test, taken it several times in the past, teach LSAT classes etc.).

Some background: I had a test with 3 LR, so one is experimental which (based on how I felt) could either greatly mitigate some of the issues I'm about to describe or amplify their negative impact on my score.

My goal for a score is 172+ but I would find anything above a 168 to be adequate. The last 7-8 diagnostics I did the past two weeks fell within the range of 167-175 with the min. and max. both serving as outliers (albeit ones that could reasonably be expected come test day).

When I struggled, it was almost exclusively due to either a poor performance on games (with or without timing issues) or because of poor judgment/awareness with regards to time on other sections. However, with regards to LR sections I would often have little time for the last 2-4 questions, being forced to guess on ~2 and would still miss no more than 4 despite guesses. I mention this up front because a contained number of guesses due to time is not unusual for me and I have been able to compensate for this weakness by hitting a very high percentage of LR's I manage to get to.

Finally, going into the test I expected that a score cancellation would probably be determined by whether or not I did miserably on a games or totally bombed an LR because I somehow mismanaged time so badly that I had to guess on a sizable number of questions I had a high chance of getting correct had I gotten to them.

Again, apologies on the length - just want those telling me to cancel/ not cancel understand my criteria for a good score and what can reasonably be projected for the sections devoid of catastrophe.

The Test: So now to the test (finally!). As I said, I had 3 LR's. The first went very well. I then had my games which I did well enough on by my standards (guessed on the last question and have enough confidence that most of my other answers were right). The second LR I found quite challenging, and I was so fixated on one of the earlier questions that I used too much time and was forced to make pure guesses on the last 2. As I said earlier, this is not unusual for me.

At this point, on its own, the first 3 sections went as well as I was expecting.

Now my nightmare: My third LR section was better than the last. I was right at my targeted pace through the first twenty or so questions. Shortly after I hit a snag and wound up with a few minutes for 3-4 questions (honestly cannot remember). When I get in this situation I have a different strategy for the questions where I prioritize making an educated guess on as many as possible over attempting to be 100% certain on any one. All fine and dandy but then...

I notice I have bubbled the last 7-8 questions incorrectly. I freak out because this time is precious and furthermore for my quick response strategy to work I need to maintain my concentration. I go back and identify where it was my bubbling went awry and then went to fix it. Too bad in my panic I accidentally erase the corresponding question numbers for section 3, and even fill in a few before realizing it. So first I must reverse this by erasing what I just altered, then determine which of the two shadows of formerly shaded answers was the answer for section 4, then fix section 4 (my original problem).

I believe I fixed everything properly, around 85% sure. I also was forced to guess completely on last 3.

My last section, RC, was just plain awful. I've never before experienced test anxiety in any other form than the kind that helps one focus and think quickly. Following my recent debacle, it took me almost 4 minutes to simply read the first paragraph and around 13 minutes to finish passage one. However, I was able to make up time on the next two passages so that I had over 6 minutes on the last one - I am pretty accurate with my 5 minutes strategy for passages so that was good enough for me under the circumstances. Then as I am making my rushed, educated guesses on the last 3 I realize I have again bubbled several answers in the slot. By the time I fix it I have to guess the last question and make what to me was hardly more than a guess on the second to last.

So there you have it. Any feedback on whether my scoring goal is feasible is greatly appreciated. Anyone have a similar experience on this test? Anyone have any experience with bubbling issues on past tests where they thought they fixed it and didn't cancel and actually did not fix it properly? Please let a brother know o.0

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