A Good Idea... (Or A Terrible One)

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A Good Idea... (Or A Terrible One)

Postby jw316 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:25 pm

Hey all, I planned on taking June and got the one month LSATBlog study schedule (followed the schedule in terms of reading from the bibles, drilling, then timed pts) but some stuff came up and I couldn't follow it exactly as intended. With only ~3 weeks of study, I didn't get to timed PT's until a little over a week ago and ended up with a 157 on PT 55 [-9 LR, -8 RC, -5 LR, -5 LG; -27]. Untimed everything was -0 to -5, usually around -0 to -3.

I've got a ~3.97 LSAC gpa so decided to push it back to October because I refuse to accept a score that won't have me T14 bound but this is it. Already going to be two cycles out of my intended start date so it's October or bust.

Still having "issues" in each of the sections but I think it's attributable to trying to rush everything and while I focused mainly on accuracy throughout the 3 weeks of prep, in some sections timing always seemed to be an issue and in others I'd have extra time (and plenty of wrong answers).

Thinking about getting the 2/3 month LSAT Blog schedule and just spending more time focused on strict timing & PTs OR....

Overall: I'm planning on doing the MLSAT bundle since I didn't before and re-reviewing portions of the PSB before drilling. Plan to drill by section (untimed and timed), question types that I've identified as problem areas (LSAT QA) and just general drilling so as to not get "rusty." After that it's back on to timed PTs and full-length review.

Speed: I'm planning on doing sections in 30 mins (esp LG) rather than 35. LG and RC seem to be the sections where I'm just taking way too much time.

Endurance: I'm planning on incorporating some 6/8/10-section PTs closer to test time so that a 5 section test feels like nothing.

With all that being said, this really is make it or break it for me and I've truly never wanted something more in my life. It would be great to hear from you guys, so if you have any advice or insight regarding my plan (e.g., sounds great; scrap this and follow this instead; etc.) or what should be done between now and Oct, I'm all ears.

Good luck everyone, we've got this!

TLDR: ~3.97 LSAC gpa, ~3 weeks of study before June, 157 on timed PT 55, walking in the door in Oct and pwning that shit.

*I know I only took one PT and it's terrible to gauge things from such a small sample size, but given the amount of time remaining before the June test I thought I'd just be wasting the most valuable PTs (the most recent ones) if I continued.

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