Logical Reasoning Prep Idea

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Logical Reasoning Prep Idea

Postby alexrodriguez » Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:33 am

I have one of those books with 10 LSAT exams in it. It's one of the first ones starting with test #7.

Should I go through all the logial reasoning sections and determine what kind of question each question is?

I figured I'd do this that way as I'm doing each question I can refer to the proper chapter of my Powerscore Bible.

It would be good "figure out what kind of question this is" drilling.

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Re: Logical Reasoning Prep Idea

Postby Jeffort » Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:52 am

If you are talking about just going through the question stems, classifying them and making a big chart or excel spreadsheet or something with the type identified for each question # per section, then no, doing that to make a big chart would not be a good use of your prep time. Many people have already done that if you just want a reference chart for looking up question types if you want to do a bunch of the same type in a row. Here is a LR Q type finder utility I made a few years ago if you just want something to find particular question types in the 10 books, it covers PTs 19-45. http://www.lsatdiscussion2.com/logicalreasoning.php

If you are thinking about doing it to know which chapter of the LRB to consult when working through questions in an LR section you are doing untimed in order to review stuff about the question type, you just do that question by question as you work them if you need to review the LRB chapter. There is no need to make a chart for all the tests per question because there are not that many LRB chapters and it's not hard to figure out which chapter applies to any given question once you just read the stem

If you want to do it just to get better at identifying question types, I guess you can just spend a couple of days identifying question types and doing nothing else, but that sounds pretty boring and non-productive. Once you have read the LRB (or even just the table of contents and the intro chapter), you will quickly learn all the question types, there aren't that many, and then will get plenty of exposure to different forms of the stems for each type while doing homework, drilling and also when taking practice tests or sections. Properly identifying which type of question a stem is asking is not hard once you learn what the major types are and get exposed to numerous examples of stems for each type, there aren't that many different ones and very few that are difficult to identify/classify once you know all the types and how to identify them.
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