How different are the Testmasters and Powerscore approaches

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How different are the Testmasters and Powerscore approaches

Postby scandk » Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:33 am

Hi all. This is my first post. 8)

I've begun prepping for the LSAT, with the intention to take the June 2014 test. I have, give or take a few days, a year to prep. So far, I've purchased the Logic Games Bible, the Logic Games Bible Workbook, the Reading Comprehension Bible, the Logical Reasoning Bible, the 10 Actual Preptest, the game type training powerscore book, the passage type training powerscore book, and the question type training powerscore book.

I've started to go through the LGB first, and it's fairly useful. I've been told that "Master the LSAT" presents a different method, relying more on hypotheticals.

Anyway. I wanted to ask if the different companies really had different approaches to the sections. If so, are they cohesive? As in, if I internalize (to a certain degree, of course) one company's method, will taking in material from a different company/approach work synergistically with what I've learned to that point or will it confuse/harm me?

I really like the LGB's approach to the games (so far), and my only problems seem to be time and questions regarding some hypotheticals. When the question asks which answers are valid scenarios, I often find myself going through all of the options, and recreating the diagram for each. Needless to say, this feels like an enormous waste of time. But maybe that's just a problem with my diagramming/me not writing out all of the rules or finding all of the proper inferences. My friend and I are planning on enrolling in a Testmaster's prep course spanning three months (October to December). Is the Testmasters approach different from the Powerscore approach? If so, again, are they synergistic? For those of you who have experience with Testmasters, how was the program in general? What materials did they give you, how was the setting, how was the pace, did you cover all of the materials, and what was your point increase?

Thanks for taking the time to read. I'm excited to start studying and improve my score. :P

P.S. If anyone wants to be my online study buddy, let me know!

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