Law school prep for 0Ls and 1Ls

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Law school prep for 0Ls and 1Ls

Postby Veritas4evr » Mon May 27, 2013 12:08 am

Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place, but I just wanted to put feelers out there to see if anyone is interested in skype tutoring for 0L and 1L prep. In terms of 0L prep, I know a lot of authority out there suggests that preparing as a 0L is a waste of time. But, I disagree. There are several fantastic 0L programs out there that have incredible results for students down the line. And frankly, it just makes sense that coming into law school with an understanding of the big picture frameworks in terms of both the law, and the law school process, would be helpful.

Most importantly, I have worked for tutoring programs and they are ridiculous. The prices are horrendous and the quality is poor.

I recently graduated at a T10 top 1%, and I have several years of experience tutoring law students and pre-law students. I have taught exam prep and tutored law school students both for my law school's official tutoring program, and for private companies. With the help of a couple law professors and other students, I have put together a comprehensive law school prep class. And I am looking to test it out on people.

The idea is basically to provide a jump start to 1L for incoming 0Ls, then tutoring through the 1L year as an option. I would be doing most of the tutoring sessions, although some other team members may also do some.

What I would cover:

1. Introduction to law for people that just are not familiar. This includes basic structure of US law, introduction to the court system, anatomy of a lawsuit, etc.

2. A primer on succeeding in law school: how to read cases, how to develop the core skills you need for exams, how to outline and prepare effectively, how to get what you need out of class, etc.

3. Primer to the core 1L subjects. These classes are the equivalent to what you would get in an undergrad course on each respective topic. Just to get people understanding the forest before getting lost in the trees.

Then I have a 1L program that is more advanced for 1) exam prep and 2) tutoring of all the 1L classes.

Let me know if anyone has questions! (or if there is a better place to post this)


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Re: Law school prep for 0Ls and 1Ls

Postby justonemoregame » Mon May 27, 2013 12:31 am

Look out below


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Re: Law school prep for 0Ls and 1Ls

Postby Daily_Double » Mon May 27, 2013 12:40 am

Probably the wrong forum, but I couldn't care less. I'm guessing your information would be better received in the Forum for Law School Students, but due to your subject matter I'm guessing it will be poorly received by some very soon no matter what forum you post it in.

I am curious though, there appears to be a wealth of information, not only in these forums, but also in various books, which I guess are referenced in these forums, either way, the information your program is teaching is readily available. Anyways, what I'm wondering, and I'm sure many, if not most, of your post's readers are wondering, is what separates your program from other books/advice which is commonly given to 0Ls? Specifically, what do you think you have to offer? And, more importantly, because this is all that really matters, why do you think it will make a difference in the grades of your students in law school?

ETA: What is your goal? I mean, what did you hope to accomplish by posting this? It sounds like you are either advertising for a program or looking for people to test a method of study upon. The difference may be important since the latter is usually free, while the former usually has a corresponding price. You may receive more responses if you clarified this.
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Re: Law school prep for 0Ls and 1Ls

Postby jrsbaseball5 » Mon May 27, 2013 12:45 am

Are you looking for clients or a test group to see if these methods work?

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