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Postby wtrc » Sun May 26, 2013 1:14 pm

tyler90az wrote:My new goal is 170 by October.

While you should (and certainly will ;) ) aim higher, congratulations. You just made the smartest decision of your life.

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Re: 153

Postby jrsbaseball5 » Sun May 26, 2013 1:20 pm

tyler90az wrote:My new goal is 170 by October.

Congrats! Come join us in the October study thread where you can ask questions, discuss the test and learn a lot of good strategies.


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Re: 153

Postby mx23250 » Tue May 28, 2013 9:31 am

I would agree with most of the posts about waiting until October to take it. If you put in those extra 3 months your score could be several points higher than if you forced the June test. I started out at about 150 in March and my latest PT was a 168 and has been improving ~1-2 points per week lately. If you're diligent and study hard you'll easily make up for it with more acceptances and perhaps better scholarship $$

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