Looking for some last month advice (especially on RC)

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Looking for some last month advice (especially on RC)

Postby Dog » Mon May 13, 2013 11:15 pm

My logical reasoning scores have been in the -0 to -2 range per section virtually since I began taking tests with an average of about -1. Since switching to the PTs in the 52-61 range, I have yet to get a single question wrong on logic games through 3 tests. My weak spot remains reading comp, which is usually -2 to -6 or so.

What's the best way of getting reading comp up in a month? I'm not usually TERRIBLE at it, but it's lagging well behind the other sections. I plan on taking about 4 PTs a week, supplementing them by doing daily reading comp passages from the 40-51 PTs.

I have only taken 4 PTs recently due to finals week (18 total), with their scores being 176 (-2 RC), 172 (-6), 175 (-4), 175(-4). I want to get a bare minimum of 172, and I'll be content with anything at 174+ (this is based on prediction outcomes for scholarships/admittances with my GPA). This seems very doable, but I'd feel a whole lot better if I improved RC. If I could get RC down to -2, I would almost surely hit my goal.

Any advice on quick RC improvement? Doing sections untimed? Reading the questions first? Drilling more? Notating each paragraph? I am not ruling anything out. Thanks.

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