Waiting List Advice for LSAT Test Center

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Waiting List Advice for LSAT Test Center

Postby ConcernedHabsFan » Mon May 06, 2013 3:40 am


So I signed up to take the June 2013 LSAT. But I got put on the waiting list in the Seattle area. I really didn't think there would be a waiting list as there are quite a few testing centers within the area, and I heard there was a huge drop in people applying to law school. I mean, it's the LSAT not a Justin Bieber concert right, why would there be a waitlist on a $170 entrance fee if I'm applying before late-registration?

Anyways I was wrong. They ran out of spots. I got waitlisted. I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I only usually get when I realize I lost a high percentage hand in Poker :x

So I've been reading a bit on line about this topic. I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me out with?

1. I've read it's better just to choose a random LSAT test center, and keep on checking the site chronically for open spots at test centers most convenient to me rather than wait out the waitlist?

2. Also, it's within 100 miles and I'm not regularly a morning person anyways. If I get assigned a crappy spot, would it be a better idea than #1 that I accept it, then try and switch by repeatedly checking?

3. Should I just try and take it on standby? Will I have to pay another $169 (I didn't read this on the LSAC FAQ page)


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Re: Waiting List Advice for LSAT Test Center

Postby Jeffort » Mon May 06, 2013 3:48 am

Lucky for you if you end up having to drive far is that the June test starts in the afternoon, not in the morning like the other administrations.

You should contact LSAC and ask them how they deal with the waitlist in terms of options you have pertaining to your questions. LSAC doesn't have a published set of rules and terms concerning how they administer and deal with waiting lists for test centers so the rules of it and your options are unclear. Nobody here that hasn't dealt with being on a waitlist with LSAC before is going to know how it works, so it's best for you to ask LSAC directly to get the official word on the matter. Just send them an email with your questions and they'll respond pretty fast, they are good at doing that.

I don't think they let people take the test as a 'standby' at full test centers day of test when registered for a different one anymore like they used to do, so you should definitely ask LSAC about that. LSAC has changed many policies over the last few years so you want to make sure to get current information, especially about standby since I know they at least used to let people do that, which can be helpful if you would otherwise have to drive really far to another center. Stuff you read in posts on the forum about how waitlists worked/the options from previous testing years may not apply now if LSAC changed their policies like they have done with other things in recent years. Also keep in mind that there is a test center change deadline. The LSAC page says that test center availability is shown in real time from the registration console when logged into your account, so you can keep checking the centers near you every day until the deadline to see if spots open if you want to play it that way.

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