How to avoid a disappointing score on the LSAT

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Re: How to avoid a disappointing score on the LSAT

Postby the_pakalypse » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:48 pm

1. What was your diagnostic (starting) score, if any?

2. What did you score on Test Day?
Cancelled my first take. LG tripped me up and RC seemed so difficult that I decided it wasn't worth it -- I knew I was capable of more, especially since I had been PTing 174+.

3. Which books did you use?
LG/LR bibles, Manhattan RC

4. Did you take a prep course? If so, which?

5. For how many months did you study, and for how many hours/week? Were you also working or in college, etc.?
In school. 5 months. Fairly full-time studying.

6. How many PrepTests did you complete?
Everything out there that was available for my take. So PT 1-64, Itemwise, SP A/B/C, June 2007 diagnostic.

7. What do you believe is the reason for your score?
Bad technique, bad form. LG destroyed me (to be fair it was a tough game) -- because my fundamentals were weak, I didn't have enough time left to spend on the hardest game of the section. I also found RC difficult. I also probably can attribute a bit of it to burn out. I was just so absolutely sick of the LSAT before the test -- I found myself wanting the LR section to be over when I doing a test, for example. BURNOUT IS REAL.

8. What would you change if you were to retake?
I did retake, heh. Silver-lining? I got a 180.

I don't know what the hell I was doing for LG.. somehow I was still managing to finish on time -- I don't trust any "hypo" approach to LG anymore. The LG is MEANT to test your inference making ability, even if its just from conditional questions. I got a Manhattan book and redid my entire approach to LG. I reviewed LR using the Manhattan book as well. Did pretty much every game in existence at least twice, with the harder games done 3-4 times. Also did ACE the LSAT "fake" logic games.

I also drilled LR 1-38 "Difficult questions" from Cambridge. Did PTs again, ended up completing PT 50-68, using the 40s as an experimental section.

This took me around 6 months.. although this time I tried to spread out my studying a bit more and avoid burnout.

9. Any other comments or suggestions?

I would have started with Manhattan earlier for all sections. I would also have spent more time in review -- don't get me wrong, I spent a shit ton of time in review the first time around.. but I realized that I could do more the second time, so I did. You have to make everything absolutely as simple as possible (without oversimplifying) -- think of your mental energy as a limited resource that you must allocate efficiently during the test. I learned the test to a point where LR was a breeze, RC was consistent 0 to -2 and LG was 0 to -1 (a few dumb mistakes). It all came down to becoming efficient. Test day I was lucky for a -2 curve for a 180, and some RC passages that aligned with my interests.

Feels good bro.

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Re: How to avoid a disappointing score on the LSAT

Postby Balthy » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:15 pm

Thanks pakalypse, great advice:D

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