Retaking the LSAT

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Retaking the LSAT

Postby nyjets2090 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:20 am

Hi all.

So I've decided that even though I've been accepted to a few schools, and am planning on attending one next fall, I'm going to retake the June LSAT before I matriculate. I was scoring 166-170 on my practice tests, but walked away from the test with a 163. I got hurt on the games, bad, walked away with 11 or 12 wrong (can't remember at that moment if it was 11 or 12). I think I panicked on the last game (Oct '12) which hurt me bad. I figure retaking the test is a win-win, if I score high I might be able to go to a better school, and going up some points on the LSAT seems easier then trying to transfer up after my first year.

I plan on taking a practice test on Weds to see how much I remember about attacking the test. I figure I'll be a bit rusty but not too bad. I am going to concentrate most of my studying on the LG section of the test, I figure if I can get that down cold, the rest of the test will fall into place (indeed my 170 practice test was when I scored the games perfectly).

My plan was to try for 1 or 2 tests a week and to spend the rest of the time reviewing those tests. I plan on bumping it up to 3 or 4, next month, but I'll probably spend more time with the LG game book that blueprint just put out. I don't think I'll need to spend as much time learning the rest of the exam since I know the question types and I won't be going from square one. I think what hurt me too was the nerves on test day. I also don't want to burn out (my practice tests the first time indicated I had a slight drop at the end 170-169-166). Advice?

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