Can We Discuss LSAT Questions in This Way Here?

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Can We Discuss LSAT Questions in This Way Here?

Postby jtabustos » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:02 pm

I understand that we can't post the actual text of LSAT q's here. Guessing it's due to some contractual copyright agreements or something like that...

But how much can we discuss? For example, if I'm stuck on some random LG from an old LSAT, can I post a problem that is EXACTLY like the one I'm on, but just change the names and situation around.

This is a fake example (not from any real LSAT) as you'll easily see:

***There are three girls who attend TLS High School: Betty, Jane, and Rhonda.
***One is in 12th grade, one is in 11th, and one is in 10th.
***Betty is not in 12th and Jane is not in 10th. ...Which girl is in which grade?

Let's say that was hypothetically the REAL LSAT question (again, that's obviously not a real one). I know we can't post THAT question, but can we just change the names and scenario and post something like:

***There are three boys who attend TLS Elementary School: Brian, Jack, and Randy.
***One is in 6th grade, one is in 5th grade, and one is in 4th grade.
***Brian is not in 12th and Jack is not in 10th...Which boy is in which grade?

Or maybe do something very similar at least and then ask questions about it (like how to set it up ...or what deductions to make, etc.)?

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Re: Can We Discuss LSAT Questions in This Way Here?

Postby Jeffort » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:59 pm

Just post the PrepTest reference for the game or specific question you want to ask about, such as: PT# 45, LR1 #18
and then your specific issues and questions about the problem including which answer you chose or are not sure about, why it is incorrect, why you chose it, why the correct answer is indeed correct, etc. Don't waste your time trying to re-write questions with different words.

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