PT 11 Game 4 -- Help Please

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PT 11 Game 4 -- Help Please

Postby Meyrs » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:48 pm

This game caught me off guard, but I realized it's not that bad except for the first question. I don't even understand what the question is asking really. Are they saying that Nora has to be in project T during the 2nd or 3rd reassignment? I took it as they are asking what has to happen in the 3rd reassingment if w/in the 3rd reassignment Nora is in project T. I think I am wrong about this b/c after trying a few hypos with this scenario I am coming up with more then one answer that "must be true". Has anyone been able to make sense of this question? I appreciate any help with this. :cry:

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Re: PT 11 Game 4 -- Help Please

Postby Power Clean » Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:48 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the question is testing your knowledge of the fact that the Plans can be assigned in any order, as well as the fact that Plan 2 would be the required plan to produce an assignment of Nora to T. The question is asking what must be true when Nora is assigned to T after the enactment of a second plan/reassignment.

The question provides that Nora's reassignment to T occurs in the second reassignment. Nora starts with S, which can only be traded for either Q (per plan 1) or T (per plan 2). If Plan 1 is the first reassignment, no subsequent plan can bridge her from Q to T. Plan 1 can not be the first plan, and since Nora acquires T in the second reassignment, we know that Plan 2 is the second reassignment. This means Plan 3 must be the first reassignment, and Plan 2 the second reassignment, resulting in L-R, M-Q, N-T, O-S.

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