Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

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Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

Postby cbellyoung » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:25 pm

So, I've been studying for the June 2013 LSAT for only a week. I bought all the powerscore bibles, and have been reading only the LR one so far (as that was my weakest area in my diag test).

I've read the chapters on Must Be True, Main Point, Conditional Reasoning and Weaken questions types, and where I seem to be understanding the concepts well, I am just failing miserably on the actual LSAT question drills at the end of each chapter. It's making me feel like everything I thought I understood in the previous chapter is completely wrong!

My study schedule is quite intense. I'm getting up at 6am every morning and start studying at 7:30am for 2-3 hours. Then I go to work. Then I come back from work at about 4pm/5pm. Then I study for another 2-3 hours. Then I put 5-6 hours in on Saturdays and any extra hours I can on Sundays. I'm just reading the bibles cover to cover before I start tackling prep test papers.

I'm just feeling really deflated tbh. I enjoy reading about the concepts, and totally understand them too, but the actual LSAT questions at the end of each chapter in the Bibles are proving to be too difficult for me to understand. I just keep getting them wrong!

Please tell me that if I continue with this study schedule for the next 4 months, it'll get easier? Maybe I'm just being impatient. I want to believe that the only reason I'm struggling is because I've only been studying for a week...

Has anyone else experienced this frustration with the Powerscore Bibles/LSAT study?

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Re: Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

Postby Beercules » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:32 pm

How exactly did you do on the LG compared to the LR? Most people start with LG because it's the most learnable section. If you can cut that down to -1 or -0 it will open a lot of options for you.

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Re: Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

Postby bizzybone1313 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:40 pm

Everyone struggles in the beginning like you currently are. The LSAT has so many little nuances that can only be learned after hundreds of hours of prep. What you are going through is exactly what I faced when I first begun. Basically, you need to add some structure into your prep. Look up Noodley's Guide to a 179 and Pithy Pike's guide for the LSAT. Or take a prep course. I would add Manhattan's LR guide to your prep. It is very good.


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Re: Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

Postby magickware » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:26 pm

I suffered much the same way you did with LR when I started studying.
No, LSAT studying won't get easier unless you have a fairly solid idea of how to study. Use the knowledge on this website wisely. Read the guides that people posted and follow them as faithfully as you can given your circumstances.

What I had to do in order to "get" LR was take the Powerscore course; but that allowed me to understand the basics but not enough to let me really get the most difficult questions.

As such, I strongly recommend that you get the Manhattan LSAT LR book and read through the entire thing once. Just try to understand how the LR section as a whole works first.

Then, go through each chapter again and this time you're going to drill them to death with the problem sets from this website- ... reasoning/

Do not go to the next question type until you can get the difficulty three ones (you'll know what I mean once you get the problem sets) consistently right. The difficulty four ones sometimes get ridiculous and as such it'll take up too much of your time truly understanding them when you're on a time-limit.

If you don't understand how a question works, then go to the following website ( and look up the appropriate PT and the question you're having trouble with. If the question isn't there, then post about it.

Since you're just starting your LSAT study; I strongly advise that you buy everything from the cambridgelsat site, including your PTs. It's great to have reusable PTs instead of the giant books of PTs that LSAC sells. is also a terrific place to find explanations for all LG in existence. With the manhattanLSAT forum and the 7sage LG explanations, you should have no problem at all getting help with just about every question in existence.

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Re: Struggling with Logical Reasoning on Powerscore Bible.

Postby eliztudorr » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:05 am

i went through similar to what the previous poster did. i took a course from TestMasters (which is similar to PS because the founders actually designed the course outline together when they were in law school but split due to many reasons and location issues. anyways, i only learned the basics.

took me 2 months on my own to really understood what was going on, and maybe just HOW to approach my was crazy...after 2 months of live course, i still didn't quite get what was going on.

LG is the easiest to me. so that's where i started...i cannot say i mastered it atm, but so far im able to know how to improve this section. timing is only my issue now :) all i did was go through every single game i can get my hands on. and just time myself. watch the vid on 7Sage site and redo. im going through the games i torrented my second time atm. and i saw huge improvement in terms of time :)

as for LR...i got the MLSAT LR. many on here suggested that its a good one to have after you've learn the basics. since you have the PS bibles, i suggest you get MLSAT too and read it AFTER you are done with PS bible. don't spend too much time reading though...the real deal is when you actually answer questions. so try to practice as many questions you can get your hands on.

personally, i didn't buy the bundle because i had the course set i got from my live course. however, im starting to print out LR sections from older PT and practice them timed. just to get a feel of how my mind works when ALL types are mix together...but you can worry about this later in the game.

drill. thats really the key. you gotta put your hours into this.

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