Having a meltdown. How to approach practicing LR?

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Re: Having a meltdown. How to approach practicing LR?

Postby Chowfun » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:22 am

crestor wrote:
Chowfun wrote:@ Crestor what if I push my test back to October? It will give me a lot more time to improve and it probably will remove a lot of my stress and make studying more enjoyable. Also if I don't like my October score I can retake in December.

Yes I believe this is the best decision, because it makes more sense. I won't be pressured to get all A's in my 6 classes and take one of the most important exams of my life so close together. It doesn't make sense to get a LSAT score of 170+ and my gap drops from a 3.7 to a 3.5. Granted many have said LSAT matters the most, but I have put a lot of pride in my gpa and it is a reflection of my four years in university. I want to make sure it reflects only the best part of me. I am also hoping to raise it another .1 before I graduate anyway.

This way I can continue my rigorous study method, and adapt new strategies without feeling overwhelmed or that I am not meeting my deadlines fast enough. This also means I can invest more in prep materials, and feel more relaxed.

Also the OCT. test date gives me an additional three months of no additional intellectual burdens. I can study, write personal statements, get letters of rec, and study.

Then even with 7 months of loyal devotion and prep. I do not make my goal. I can opt for the December test, which will not be a problem considering my fall Senior schedule will be filled with a more relaxed course load: general education, PC classes, and stuff.

This makes a lot of sense to me. Lol

sounds like you already know what to do man. don't need some random guy on the net to reinforce what seems to be concrete in reasoning in ur mind

Lol I just wanted to make sure it didn't only make sense to me, while I do understand what your are saying. I shouldn't feel too bad; if I need a little security from others, who are going to take or have taken the lsat, before I make this decision. I hope it would make sense to more than just myself.

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