Powerscore Workbooks & Powerscore Setup Encyclopedias

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Powerscore Workbooks & Powerscore Setup Encyclopedias

Postby Njdeh » Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:31 pm

What are peoples opinions on the PS workbooks and the PS setup encyclopedias? I know that they're not usually used in the guides that our found on here but Im still interested in peoples opinions.

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Re: Powerscore Workbooks & Powerscore Setup Encyclopedias

Postby sabanist » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:21 pm

I got the LG workbook when I first started out because it was the section I needed to work on the most. It was helpful for reviewing the diagramming strategies, but you'd really be better off investing the money in Cambridge LG sets if extra practice is what you're looking for.


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Re: Powerscore Workbooks & Powerscore Setup Encyclopedias

Postby nugnoy » Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:39 am

I have all of them.

encyclopedias are nice. But they're not necessary - there are so many explanations available, given the nature of logic games, with just a little bit of guidance a person could just learn to do all of them the way it works for them. Also, Powerscore's more about inferences so it helps to understand a game afterwards but the explanations don't do a great job of fostering intuitive approach. Oftentimes they will spew out a bunch of inferences to make in a way that is obvious after, but not so obvious doing the game under time pressure (they do a great job of listing facts but for some reason I don't feel I've gained much insight that I would be able to apply the next time after reading their explanations). A lot of the time (not ALL of the times though) a person can just go over a game slowly and figure most of these inferences out. The encyclopedias are better kept as a supplementary reference for people shooting for 178+. If a person's not shooting for perfection, their time and money would probably be better spent elsewhere.

I've only looked at the LG workbook. It's OK, but it's not what I expected - it only has a few drills. Other than that it has actual sets and explanations. I have all the tests just wanted a book of drills, so it doesn't really work out great for me. But since score is much more important to me than the money spent it's not a big deal. Again, if I just wanted to break 170 I would probably just save the money.

I haven't opened the RC or LR workbooks, but I think these will be a bit better than the LG workbook. I expect they'll be helpful for 175+, but not really important for anything below. This is pure speculation though.

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