First Step in Taking the LSAT

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First Step in Taking the LSAT

Postby evolution » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:37 pm

Hey guys, Ill be starting my first step in preparing for the LSAT this week. After reading the advice you guys posted I went ahead and bought the LR and LG Powerscore Bibles (will be buying the prep tests later on). I know there's many guides online that are geared towards prepping, but what are some specific advice/tips you would give someone who is first starting? ie If you could go back in time and were in my position what would you change? Or if you wouldn't change anything, what worked best for you?


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Re: First Step in Taking the LSAT

Postby stillwater » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:42 pm

I would have RETAKEN

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Re: First Step in Taking the LSAT

Postby magickware » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:32 am

In terms of studying, it may help if you prioritize RC and LG before LR. RC will be the hardest to raise your points in, depending on how strong of a reader you already are. If you are a strong reader, then it's just a matter of finding the method that works for you. If you're a weak reader, then spending a shit-ton of time learning how the RC works by spending hours dissecting passages and finding what they do. I strongly recommend that you get the Manhattan LSAT RC guide. It will cut the time in studying RC in half by letting you know what to look for, and then it just becomes a matter of finding your style.

LG is the easiest to raise points in because it's just a matter of repetition. The vast majority of LGs are effectively the same thing. You're using the rules they give you to create inferences and then solve the questions by using said inferences. Beyond that, grouping games build upon concepts in ordering games and so on. Therefore, imo it helps to consider every game types as a natural progression. Get your ordering games down perfectly before you move onto grouping. Then go from games that have equal distribution of spaces/terms (forget what they're called), then to uneven distribution of spaces and terms.

If you study them in such a progression there's really no reason why you'd ever get anything under a -2 (leaving space for silly errors). Of course there are games types that are quite rare and unusual in their design, but those are very rare in the recent (2004 and upwards) tests. The time you spent on learning the progression and the way the games work will help on those though, so long as you remain flexible and remember that all rules must work with one another in some manner.

In fact, that's probably the single most important thing about the games that I wished someone told me straight from the start- All the rules are designed to work with one another in some form. Either combining the rules will outright create inferences, or the questions themselves will define limitations that allow you to work the rules together to create inferences for that particular question.

LR is a coin-toss, depending on your own prior background/eye for logical reasoning. If you have a very solid, inquisitive mindset, then you're probably solid. If you're used to reading things and not questioning specifics wordings/what have you, then you'll probably have to hunker down and prepare to work your ass off. The only advice I can give for LR is that you spend at least a week on each question type and get them down perfectly. Focus mostly on the hardest questions. There is a WORLD of difference between the easy ones and the hard ones, and if you get the hardest ones then the easy ones will be cake. And as many 180ers have written on this site before, find a method in which you can copy/cut out questions you get wrong when you start doing the PTs. Look at those daily and concretely find out why they're wrong. Even if you memorize the questions themselves, still take the time to be able to write out why A/B/C/D/E are wrong. If you do this in an serious manner instead of breezing through it, your LR will probably be solid.

That's a copy/paste because that's how I feel it should be for all new people. It's nothing new, it's basically repeat of what most people say.

But if you buy PTs, please get them from the cambridge LSAT site. Being able to reprint and reuse PTs ad nauseum is great. I really wish I knew about that site and bought my PTs from them instead of LSAC.

And please, please, please read this- ... 6&t=120471
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Re: First Step in Taking the LSAT

Postby evolution » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:53 am

Magickware thanks for writing that detailed write up and hitting the key points. RC is definitely my weaker area and I'll be looking to buy the Manhattan RC as well.

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