PT68, Section 3, Q12

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PT68, Section 3, Q12

Postby BlaqBella » Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:03 pm

Narrowed to B and C and chose the incorrect one. Gurus, please explain. I think I see why (reverse logic, ugh!) but was looking for an answer choice that included both tasty and healthful.

Please explain and also feel free to provide any special hints on how best to attack principle support questions.

Thanks! :mrgreen:


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Re: PT68, Section 3, Q12

Postby beyondabilities » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:58 pm

We are looking for an AC that helps justify the idea that we should not use dried parsley. The premise we are given states that dried parsley is less tasty and healthy than fresh parsley.

What would help make the conclusion stronger?

a) As indicated by the word "never", the conclusion is very strong and this AC qualifies the statement with "whenever possible" so its not strong enough to justify our conclusion of never using dried parsley.

b) Yes! this AC tells us that if an ingredient is to be used in cooking, it necessarily needs to be the tastiest. The contrapositive of that statement is "if the ingredient is not the tastiest then it should not be used in cooking." Since we know that dried parsley is not as tasty as fresh parsley, we know its not "the tastiest" and so we have an answer that justifies never using the less tasty dried parsley.

c) Is wrong because the stimulus only tells us that dried parsley is less tasty than fresh parsley - which is a comparative claim. It doesn't mean that its not tasty at all. This AC's scope is limited to ingredients that are not at all tasty or healthful not ingredients that are comparative less - which is what we want.

d) Same reason as c) - we need a comparative claim as we only know that dried is less tasty than fresh not that its not tast at all.

e) But should they be used in cooking? This AC doesn't get to that point so there is not link with the conclusion.

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