LSAT tutors in San Diego.

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LSAT tutors in San Diego.

Postby magickware » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:58 pm

Some background-

I had gotten a 164 on the Oct. 2012 LSAT test and it pissed me off. I realized then that I made some serious errors with the way I studied for the test, namely not bothering to look at every section individually besides the games and just mindlessly doing tests. So I decided to follow NoodleyOne's strat.

After studying for the past two and a half months, I've managed to get myself to the point where I consistently score anywhere from 167-171. LG is a breeze unless I get hit with something that just eats my time (or I make an incredibly stupid error), RC has been a toss-up between a -0 or a -5 with no rhyme or reason. However, after I managed to bring that to a -0 or -2 after I started following Voyager's "just paraphrase every paragraph on the margins" strategy. This also varies depending on incredibly stupid errors.

That's all great, but my LR simply refuses to budge. I've gone through a Powerscore course, read the Powerscore LR bible twice, got and read the Manhattan LR book through. Did a vast majority of the organized LR sections. All that, and I still cannot get myself to get fewer than a total of -6 to -8 in the combined score.

Honestly, I'd be happy if I had problem with a specific question type, but that's not it. I just have difficulty with the last 5 to 7 questions in each LR section. There doesn't seem to be a particular question type I get wrong- I just fail to understand how certain questions work at the moment I do them. I've been looking at the Manhattan LSAT forum and their explanations for the LR sections. They're great and I understand what I did wrong for those questions, but I seem to be failing at incorporating that understanding into a greater body of knowledge to use for future tests.

Basically, LR is the only thing that's preventing me from getting a 175 or higher, and I've reached the end of my patience. There's two and a half weeks left till the Feb. LSAT, and while I am prepared to take the June test if necessary, I would very much prefer not to do that. Four months of effectively restudying doesn't sound very productive.

So, I was wondering if anyone in the San Diego area knows of a great LSAT tutor, esp. one who thoroughly understands the LR section and can teach people how to do the most difficult ones. My previous Powerscore tutor knew what she was doing, but the problem was that she just intuitively got many of the most difficult LR questions and was unable to help me understand them.

I would greatly appreciate anyone who can point me towards tutors and their contact info.

Thank you all!

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Re: LSAT tutors in San Diego.

Postby boblawlob » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:21 pm

I believe Matt from Manhattan LSAT is from San Diego. Find his info on the Manhattan LSAT site and email him.

Caveat: A tutor might not be enough for you to get over the hump magically within 2 weeks. Prep best you can and delay day before if you can't hit target goal on last PT.

Good luck.


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Re: LSAT tutors in San Diego.

Postby magickware » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:20 pm

Ya, I'm not seriously betting that a tutor will let me go from -8 to -0 within just two weeks. That's unrealistic thinking, esp. since there's probably some serious issues that I don't understand with my LR skills.

That being said, I figured that I would need a tutor eventually anyways, since taking another course is pointless (not specific enough to my needs), and any help before the Feb. test would do wonders. Why wait on getting the tutor if getting it now might allow me to magically boost my LR score and get me the 175+ that I want =D

I'm planning on taking the Feb and then the June test because the general consensus on this forum seems to be that multiple retakes are fine. I just figure that the more exposure, the better.


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Re: LSAT tutors in San Diego.

Postby SanDiegoJake » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:04 pm

My name is Jake and I'd like to recommend myself. I'll tutor you for free if you'll agree to loudly recommend me if things go well for you. A few quick notes about me:

I haven't posted here in a while, but when I was posting actively I practically wrote a book, so search my previous posts to get an idea of my LSAT strategies.

I work for The Princeton Review and have since 1996, but you'd just be getting me. No Princeton Review course materials, no Princeton Review online access. Just my time. Feel free to call the San Diego Princeton Review office to check my references or tutoring prices. No secrets here.

I live in PB, so we'd be meeting at Cafe 976 in PB.

Why am I doing this? Because I enjoy teaching LSAT, and I like a challenge.


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Re: LSAT tutors in San Diego.

Postby ptittle » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:26 pm

I'd also like to put myself forward as a possible tutor. I used to work at LSAC, writing the actual questions that go on the LSAT; I've written a logical reasoning textbook (published by Routledge); and in addition to my grad degree in Philosophy (philosophers love argument and logic), I have a degree in Education and over ten years teaching experience. I'm not in San Deigo though; I tutor by phone or skype. (And in case you're leery about that, I can give you several references -- people who were also reluctant about the phone/skype thing, but discovered it's actually okay -- possibly even better b/c we're both focusing ONLY on the arguments before us...)

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