LG still my weakest...any advice please...

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LG still my weakest...any advice please...

Postby bulawschool » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:01 pm

I have read Powerscore LG bible twice, and also read Manhattan LSAT's LG book once.
Yes, I have increased my LG score after reading those books (used to get half wrong) but I still get -6 ~ -8 per LG section.
I usually get 0 to -1 for 3 games and bomb the last game or the most difficult game of the set.
If I get the perfect score on LG, then I will be scoring in the high 160s, which is my goal.
But since I get -6 ~ -8 questions wrong on the LG alone, while others breeze through the LG, my score goes down the hill.
I have about 2 months left until Feb 9th 2013 LSAT date, and my plan until the test day is to take a fresh PT (from PT 31-67) everyday and review.

What should I do (after having read LGB twice) in order to increase my LG score?
Please... any advice is greatly appreciated.

Should I postpone my February 2013 LSAT? (not again..sigh..)

Please help guys.
Thank you so much in advance.


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Re: LG still my weakest...any advice please...

Postby minnbills » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:06 pm

Walk us through how you do LG.

Make you sure you do the local questions first, and try doing a quick hypo to tease out any inferences.

Is there anything in particular that's holding you back? Time, etc

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Re: LG still my weakest...any advice please...

Postby perplexedconfused » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:33 pm

I followed PithyPike's guide and it has helped tremendously. LG is all about repetition; follow Pithy's method. This will include the most difficult games, and once you do them a couple times it will come naturally when you see similar difficult games (seeing your time on the top of the page helps too). On top of that, I have also downloaded all of Cambridge LG bundles and gone through those games to improve my timing. I consistently get -1/-2 in every LG section.

Additionally, try to minimize the time you take on the first 3 games (game 1 limit to 6 minutes, game 2 limit to 7 minutes, game 3 limit to 8 minutes, and use the rest on the final game). I wouldn't recommend this until you have followed Pithy's method. Once you get in this habit, you will be able to finish the last game with enough time to get the questions correct.

I hope this helps!

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Re: LG still my weakest...any advice please...

Postby Trout et al » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:41 pm

When are you applying? If you aren't applying until next fall, I wouldn't take the test until you can consistently get -0 on games. I took last Feb in preparation for this cycle and i wish I hadn't. You wont get to see where you went wrong on gameday. That said, you can still improve rather quickly if you are dedicated. Games are really straight practice. You have to put in the time if they don't come easy.

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