Dec test takers: how do you feel?

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Re: Dec test takers: how do you feel?

Postby JWP1022 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:19 pm

md22 wrote:
Mr. Frodo wrote:
md22 wrote:
Is it normal to feel like the whole test was a blur? It felt like time was moving ultra quickly.

It is 100% normal. However, there are different types of blur. My first LSAT was a mechanical procedure in which after leaving the test I felt like I had "just" taken it to complete it. I was completely burned out. This time around, yes I still remember few questions and time seemed to fly but I maintained focus and felt like I was actually employing all I've learned and all that has become second nature to me in my prep to the test. If it was a blur but you feel like you weren't just guessing, it was probably the blur that a lot of people experience. If you feel it was the blur like you had no idea what you were doing and actually sidestepped what you've learned in your prep, then you did what I did in October and the result wasn't pretty.

You're median PT score was higher than mine though and I think its highly likely you just feel like its a blur now due to the stress and everything surrounding taking it "for real."

I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks a lot. I wish you the best of luck as well (we'll all get 180s I'm sure)!!

I don't remember guessing at all really. The only ones I had to guess on were the last couple of questions on LG. The other sections I worked through and usually had a minute or so to spare. I have this feeling of, "well, I worked through them all and I usually do well but I have this feeling of impending doom lurking over me". :shock:

I will say that I feel like I can remember the questions that were the most challenging (there were a few of these in each section and the ones that challenged me the most seem to be the ones that were the most difficult for several people, based on what has been said around the LSAT Prep forum), but for the most part the rest of the questions all sort of blended together. Weird. I wonder if it's because of the adrenaline. :?:

BTW: Love the Wilfred pic. :mrgreen:

Are you me???? This is exactly how I felt about the test (I was PTing around 171 as well before the exam on top of that!).


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Re: Dec test takers: how do you feel?

Postby Sillygoose31 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:30 pm

Also experienced this test "blur". I can definitely recall all of the games, but when it came down to LR and RC it's like four sections I will never remember. PT's were in the low 170's as well. Praying that 4 and 1/2 months of study weren't wasted on nerves.


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Re: Dec test takers: how do you feel?

Postby ncc5 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:25 pm

I've taken it twice and I would say that Logic Games dominates how you feel after the test. It's pretty easy to tell "hey, I wasn't positive on some of those LG games, I fucked up a rule etc.", and I think that is because you can ground LG on only 4 specific games. I think LR is the hardest to decide how you did because you have 50+ stimuluses that you are trying to remember. RC is a little easier, but the passages still have details that can escape you.

The whole point of this is to say: generally, how you think you did on LG will control how you think you did on the test as a whole. If you did bad on LG, don't worry too much. You could have slammed the rest of the test and even -7 on LG can get you above 170. If you did great on LG, that's great. Enjoy not being as stressed.


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Re: Dec test takers: how do you feel?

Postby skim764 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:21 pm

I had RC, LR, LR, LR, LG.

RC: Though I usually have the most difficulty with this section (timing and inconsistency), I felt this RC was usually easy for me. I was able to finish with three minutes to spare (this has never happened to me before).

LR: Overall, easy.

LR: A little less easier than the 1st LR.

LR: More difficult than the other two LRs but wouldn't say that it was difficult

LG: Breezed through the first two in about 11 minutes which gave me the time that I needed to complete the 3rd and 4th games. 4th game took forever and 3rd one turned out to be not so bad.

Best of scores to all of you.

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