Free PT 67 Explanations... can't find them

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Free PT 67 Explanations... can't find them

Postby hallbd16 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:38 am

Hey I remember several people/companies out there were providing explanation videos to PT 67. On searching I found links to the PT 67 LGs (thanks LSAT Blog and 7 sage... Manhattan offered a live review but I couldn't make that and I don't think it is up online anymore. Not sure about Velocity), but I couldn't find any links to explanations of LR or RC. I feel like some people offered free explanation videos for RC and LR as well for this month. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me if my memory is incorrect.

Appreciate it.

P.S. Now I see why people hated the RC... my downfall

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