Confidence problem

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Confidence problem

Postby pgiboney » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:55 pm

Hello folks!

First time poster, long time lurker. Taking December LSAT. Have been studying since late August - improved from 153 diagnostic to personal best 170. Was averaging a 169 on older practice tests (19-35). Being the last month, I jumped up to practice test 52 last Friday and scored a 162. Went Ballistic. Stressing the wife out! Had been averaging -3 on LR and RC - on test 52 scored -4 and -5 LR and -6 on RC. Huge review session Saturday, followed by PT 50 Sunday - scored a 167. But I scored that way after an atypical -0 LG, and a -2 LR1. I missed 6 on both LR2 and RC. Needless to say, the fear has set in. It appears my best sections have now become my weaknesses. For some reason, I'm regularly missing multiple "mainpoint" questions in RC - never happened to me before. I can't count on a flawless LG section, and was counting on LR and RC to make up the difference.

Is it me? Is the test more difficult or more nuanced? Not sure, but, as many of you can probably relate, I went from having a high degree of confidence in my ability to an extremely low degree. Not fun. Timing is not a serious issue, so I'm ruling that out as a cause. But my accuracy has plunged. All I know to do now is to work even harder. Relentless review and multiple PTs. Anybody else been shocked in the transition b/w old PTs and the new? Did you come out of it ok? I'll take any and all available advice!


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Re: Confidence problem

Postby warandpeace » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:02 pm

this is just in response to the confidence problem, but in general try taking up yoga or something that will relax you and make you focus

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