How valuable are the early PT's/study help.

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How valuable are the early PT's/study help.

Postby mvonh001 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:35 pm

How valuable are the early PT's (pre-40) for Logic Games. I know they are different now, but im reviewing by going over every LG section of every PT and these first couple of ones I have done are a bit confusing and not like the current LSAT, so my question is this, Would you recommend I do PT's 40-65 3x or 1-65 1x... obviously im going over the LG sections after i finish them and again 3 days later, but then im moving onto the next section. I dont want anyone to think im just doing each section only once, the 1x means how many times im doing it now, and the 3x means 3 times the amount im doing each one now.

Also, would you say that the LR sections of the tests have been the same relatively over the past 65 PT's. So if i was doing PT20-65 for LR that would be ok compared to 40-65 x 2?


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