Retake advice for Dec?

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Retake advice for Dec?

Postby cassielam » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:18 pm

hi all,

like a lot of other people on TLS, i took the Oct 2012 lsat and my score was not at all near my PTs and needless to say, requires a retake. however, i just took the June 2007 released exam from LSAC today to gauge how rusty I am and i guess to determine whether to take a year off or cram for dec retake.

I got -1 on LG, -3 on RC, but dropped 8 questions each on LR. Definitely felt the effects of not having looked at a single LSAT exam or book since oct 6th. so my question is, should i just pay for the dec retake and go forward studying like crazy, assuming this ridiculous performance is due to the fact that i'm rusty? (definitely was not missing that many LR questions before)

also does anyone know the last day oct 2012 takers can sign on for dec test with the late fee waived? any advice super appreciated here.

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