[Advice] -- December re-take questions and concerns :3

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[Advice] -- December re-take questions and concerns :3

Postby tfwnogf » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:58 pm

Hey there :c

I've been a recent lurker since waiting for the October test results, but was disappointed with a 166: RC (-3), LR1 (-4), LG (-6), LR2 (-3). I was scoring quite consistently between 170-176 around two months preceding the test, but everything seemed to have gone awry for the October administration. Looking back, I can see that I was too lenient when practicing, which, compounded with an awful Macdonalds breakfast and forgetting to time myself on each section, leaves me pretty depressed.

I believe that I'm going to re-take in December, but I'd like some input on where to go from here. First off, my "goal" is to score at least in the 170's, preferably 172+, and I want to know if one month is enough to refresh my knowledge and study in time for December. Also, I've already used the majority of the recent PT's (50-66), and I'm wondering whether the older tests (30-50) will still be representative of the current test, or if I should just try to re-do the newer ones. Lastly, I have performed better than this, and I feel like this is an anomaly (I hope so), and in terms of study strategy I want to know whether I should study each section again from the ground up, or just slog through PT's and carefully review the test afterwards.

Thanks in advance :c


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Re: [Advice] -- December re-take questions and concerns :3

Postby ncc5 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:04 am

Absolutely you should retake. You missed a lot in LG (as did I) which can be remedied by studying pretty much any of the LG that is available to us.

I would say really hammer LG for the next month and keep looking at RC and breaking it down. But LG is your avenue to success so that is what I would hit for Dec.

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