Schedule leading up until december, need input!

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Schedule leading up until december, need input!

Postby b33eazy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:35 am

I posted my schedule on google calendar for the end of October and November. This is what I plan on doing to not only get faster (still going over time) and plan on doing to overcome my weakness (roughly 80% accuracy) to push myself into the mid 160s (currently in the high 150s) to 170. What do you guys think about my schedule? Also, I should add that the days I am drilling, I plan on doing some readings of the chapters (using Manhattan books and a LITTLE bit of Powerscore) if I still feel I am weak in something and using Cambridge for drilling. And for the LG that I am taking to long in or miss anything, I plan on printing out two more copies and redoing them until I can do it in time and do a similar problem type to make sure I have the time and concept down fully. And will explain why each answer is incorrect and correct for review for LR. Also, I will be working 5-6hrs a day, (25-35hrs a week) studying, which will be over 100hrs of work leading up to the LSAT. Is there anything I should add or is this a roughly cumulative schedule? ... a/New_York

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