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Retake tips

Postby ironman2012 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:08 am

I got a 162 in june 2011. -3 games, -5 reasoning, -12 reading comp. Its been a while since i've studied, i think i got the games down, reasoning i need a little more practice, what do i do for reading, is there really any way to study for that

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Re: Retake tips

Postby dproduct » Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:21 am

For RC I highly recommend Voyager's Guide:


Unfortunately for RC, it's the hardest to improve upon. However, it was definitely my worst section as I constantly missed 3-4 questions no matter what I did. I later drilled RC passages and did the following:

I used the Voyager guide very slowly at first (in order to get used to what to underline/box/notate etc) and went through each question and located the answer in the passage. After awhile, you'll begin to notice where the answers of the passages usually appear (and often what accompanies them). This is where the Voyager guide is really helpful because you'll begin to notice what he's talking about.

Sure, notating all dates and numbers can seem sometimes trivial, but with the Voyager guide in hand, you'll get a better sense of what numbers and figures they will reference.

Eventually, as you read the passages, you'll begin to feel the same way you do in LR when you really understand how to effectively pre-phrase. I would just read passages and come across a sentence or viewpoint and just KNOW it was going to be brought up in the questions. Moreover, the Voyager guide, especially for non-humanities majors who may not have had to annotate a lot in college, gives a clear and concise formula to attack each passage.

It was really helpful for me. Good luck on your retake!

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