any successful retake stories using only redone materials?

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any successful retake stories using only redone materials?

Postby 05062014 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:08 pm

My study buddy smartly saved 10 PT's for a possible retake in december. I however, went through all PT's from 39-66, about half of them twice over. During RC, my proctor decided to provide me with a lefty accommodation of a second desk to rest my arm. This required me to get up and grab a desk, almost knocking my proctor over in the process. It was only a few seconds but that combined with the !kung madness left me with far too little time to complete the questions on my favorite passage, the last one. I think if my score is sub par, it will be due to my RC performance. RC performance is so difficult to gauge on redos. Has anyone just recycled PT's for a retake with the new test not catching them off guard?

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Re: any successful retake stories using only redone materials?

Postby gaud » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:11 pm

*raises hand*

This might be of interest to you: ... 6&t=150072

My story: second shot at the LSAT I had basically run through everything, still saw significant improvement on the test. For my third attempt, I had definitely gone through every question released (most of them two or three times). Just focus on the underlying reasoning, the test is standardized and therefore repetitive. Did pretty well my third attempt and nothing came out and shocked me.

If you decide to retake, you'll be fine! Good luck!

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