6 Pencils, a Watch and a Dream.

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Re: 6 Pencils, a Watch and a Dream.

Postby Eberry » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:22 am

EvilClinton wrote:
Baseball Fanatic wrote:October 6 is 2 days away, I like to call it D-Day. My calender has been marked for this day for months now and I can't believe in 2 days that I will be taking the test of my life. I'm scared as shit. Not only do I have bad test anxiety, I have a fear of failure. I can't believe that one test can determine where my future is going to end up. All of my internships, late night studying and hustle in undergrad can mean nothing if I don't do well on this test. I'm starting to think maybe I attended one too many frat parties. Besides that, this isn't pre-season in the NFL anymore. This is the playoffs. Win or Go Home! I have took numerous tests in my life and felt similar pressure, but none to this magnitude. Maybe because in undergrad I could convince the TA to raise my grade if I was dissatisfied, and if the TA was a young woman, well...I KNEW I could convince her. But with the LSAT, not so much. Good looks can only get you so far. The LSAT can't see my beaming personality or killer good looks, neither can Law School. All that counts is a number and all the committee sees is a number; and this number can make or break you.

For all the people out there who have been studying day in and day out and sacrificed watching GLEE or Jersey Shore (last season btw :( ) to study, it will be all worth it. I am trying to be calm and not think about the test because I have been stressed for the past few days. The purpose of me posting this is because I know I am not the only one who feels like they are going to die. So people, please share your thoughts stories and concerns, we can try and motivate each other that we can conquer the LSAT. Think of it as the prep talk in the locker room before the big game :D

And please do everybody a favor and SHOWER the night before!



But he's got SIX pencils!

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