Study Plan for Feb.

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Study Plan for Feb.

Postby lutcf2021 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:19 pm

This is a plan a friend of mine helped me devise.
What do you all think? At a first glance, it appears to be rock solid.
I know there are a TON of suggestions on this website, I just wanted to see how you all felt about these.

Any other helpful suggestions?

Get the cambridge LG by type (PTs 1-38) or search for a free games classification list.

Drill LG by type for a month or so from PT 1-38. Read a general overview of how to do a given game type, then drill games of those type. When you have trouble, miss questions, diagram poorly, feel slow, repeat that game.

Then move on to LR (1-38) and do the same thing. Drill LR by question type. Learn how to attack each individual question type, learn what common answers look like for a given question type, and soon they'll all start to look alike.

Don't dwell too much on the oldest question types.

After doing this, move to RC for however long it takes to take every section of RC.

After 3 or so months of doing those three things, take a full-length PT, a very modern one like PT63+. Take an experimental section from a test you haven't seen. Warm up with a repeat game, passage, LR questions.

Grade your test, and after a long break, go back and comprehensively review every wrong answer and every question where you couldn't rule out an answer choice. Learn general rules that you can use to apply next time you're in those situations.

If you notice specific tendencies (weak on flaw questions, weak in RC), drill those questions.

Between reviewing and taking a new PT, try to do some drilling.

Then take a new PT and repeat this process until test day.

Mix up the order you take PTs. I recommend taking 2-3 tests in the 60s among the first 4-5 PTs that you take. After that, begin mixing in tests from 40+ and do not take them in order. Always keep in mind the test you take and how it feels relative to those most recent PTs you took.

Keep a detailed log of your PT performance, blog about why you missed each question, and review it once in a while. Repeat sections and even whole PTs after some time has passed (a week, a month, two months). Even if you remember some of the questions, ensure you arrive at the correct answers through the same problem-solving techniques you would normally use. If you can't remember why an answer is correct, don't pick it, even if you think you remembered it being right. Similarly, if you can't remember why an answer choice is incorrect, don't rule it out.


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Re: Study Plan for Feb.

Postby lutcf2021 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:29 pm


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