PowerScore material question - drilling vs taking PTs

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PowerScore material question - drilling vs taking PTs

Postby JesseJames1 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:39 pm

Hey all,

I'm taking the test in December, and have been studying fairly intensively for a little over a month and am now trying to decide what the best route would be to get a better score. I've read through the Bibles, and as supplements to the Bibles I have used all of the questions (games, lr, and rc) from PTs 1-20 for drilling through PS's Game Type Training, Question Type Training, and Passage Type Training books. I've also taken a few PTs (5 in all) here and there, both untimed and timed, and my scores are going up. I'm going to read through the Bibles again (as well as some other supplemental material) and am trying to figure out whether I should use PS's Game Type Training II, Question Type Training II, and Passage Type Training II books to keep drilling (meaning I would use up all the questions (games, lr, and rc) from PTs 20-40) in order to really get the conceptual/fundamental knowledge down, or should I use that material (PTs 20-40) to take practice tests? Drill or PTs? I have every PT from 41-66 also, but was definitely going to use that for taking PTs. I am just having a hard time deciding which route to take. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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