Help me with RC please?

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Help me with RC please?

Postby lilhugsy24 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:45 pm

So I've been consistently getting around 4-6 wrong in RC and it's mostly due to inference questions. Just wondering how some of you answer these particular questions. I feel that sometimes you have to make a big a jump to get the right answer, but maybe it's just me. What did you guys do that helped you for infer questions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks TLS

My average wrong from my PTs so far if that helps

LR(1&2): 5-8
RC: 4-6
LG: 0-2

Sorry for grammar errors since I'm on my phone.


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Re: Help me with RC please?

Postby vegso » Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:02 pm

Personalize what you're reading if you can, pretend it's a friends essay where he asked you "help me with my reasoning etc as much as you can please?!?!". If you're constantly asking questions about what you're reading then when an inference question hits you've probably already made any leap in your head. The leaps really dont seem too hard when you have a large picture understanding of the passage from asking questions and getting an idea towards its fundamental flow and structure

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Re: Help me with RC please?

Postby RCinDNA » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:44 am

I agree w/vegso. Inference in RC is a little different from LR's version, but it's the same dynamic. You need to take the concepts stated in the passage a step further while you are reading and your pre-phrasing should really be a running tally of things you noticed while reading.

Have you tried doing some RC drills and getting a blank sheet of paper and literally writing down the thoughts you have while reading the entire passage with a reference to the lines? E.G If you see a couple of lines that indicate they would be in the 'What is the Main Point of the Passage' question, write down all the lines and a one sentence statement as to why you chose them. If you see a part of the text that gets critical or seems supportive, jot them down, too. Then try looking at the Inference questions again and seeing if what you noted has already generated a strong prephrase reflected in the answer choice.

Tone of 'voice/point of view' plays a strong role here, as well. If the author seems critical of the topic/concept, than that should signal you that one of the questions is going to ask 'Based on...the author would agree/disagree with the following', but I usually just flag this mentally and use it as additional motivation to pay attention and stay engaged since the topics vary so much.


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Re: Help me with RC please?

Postby lilhugsy24 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:21 pm

Woah thanks for the helps guys. I'll definitely have to try the blank paper strategy. I was also wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea to buy the Manhattan RC guide. Would it help to bring down the amount of mistakes or am I at a point already that the guide isn't going to do much for me?

I just took PT 52 yesterday and this how many I missed
LR1- 1
LG - 1
LR2- 3
RC - 5
RAW Score - 89
Score - 170

I know I can do better on RC because when i review before checking my answers i can usually narrow down my mistakes to like only two wrong, but I'm always having to rush to finish so I miss more than I should. Any ideas that might help me? I've tried reading faster but that just make me lose sense of what I'm actually reading and causes me to waste even more time since I have to go back reread. Right now my strategy has been to just read a paragraph and then write something small next to it about that paragraph. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Help me with RC please?

Postby manofjustice » Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:26 pm

Your high scores on LR seem to indicate you process and encode verbal information sufficiently well to do better on RC. Your high scores on all non-RC sections indicate that you should be able to analyze that information sufficiently well to produce correct answers. So, the only thing I can think of is...working memory? Can you remember long digit spans a few seconds after seeing or hearing them? Around 7 or 8+ would bring you to the 99th percentile level, equal to your performance on your other sections. If you can, relax: when you come to an important detail, don't worry about whether you'll remember it or try to commit it to memory or circling it seven times. It'll be there in your mind when a question implicates it. If you don't do well on the digit span, I would recommend coming up with strategies to organize and retain details. Perhaps a matrix you can sketch down next to the passage.

edit: lilhugsey and vegso are also very right. To combine the ideas, maybe (??) you are focusing too much effort on remembering the details and when you'll recall them naturally and not devoting enough attentional resource to interrogating what you are reading (what I would think is meant by "active reading"?). I think both are related too. Interrogating what you are reading contextualizes details, which make them easier to remember.

lilhugsey made stories, I think I came up with opinions or reactions. I would judge what I was reading, and since those judgments implicated values and thoughts I already had, I sort of tapped into an existing contextual network to help me remember the details that would prompt my judgments. I guess that's a bit harder to do with some of the more technical RC...

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