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Postby Joeshan520 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:39 am

It seems that Testmasters, Powerscore and Blueprint use the same methods with different nomenclature. Is there another methodology less reliant on scenarios and initial deductions? Preferably in book form?

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Re: Games

Postby objection_your_honor » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:05 am

They'll all boil down to maximizing initial deductions and making scenarios whenever possible—at least in my experience. I found that the Powerscore LG Bible provided a strong base, with the Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide closing the deal. With these two books and a lot of drilling, the games become second nature.

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Re: Games

Postby LSAT Hacks (Graeme) » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:52 pm

I find mastering individual games helps you see where similar deductions can be found on all games. Initial deductions and local diagrams are key.

7Sage has some good, free logic games explanations. You can use them to be sure you've mastered individual games.

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