Suggestions on my study plan

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Suggestions on my study plan

Postby kylemba » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:55 am

Would really like some advice on my plan! As of now I plan to take the October test if I feel confident enough but the December test is going to be D-day for me. My current plan is:

1. Right now I am about half way through the Powerscore LG bible. I only do about 2 hours each day because my internship, which is over in 2 weeks. Once it is over I plan to study about 5-6 hours per-day and should be done with the book in less than a week.

2. After I am done with the LGbible I plan to take the first test in the Superprep book to see where I stand, and then immediately start the LR bible while working a few LG problems from the "10 more" per day to stay sharp. It should take less than a week to get though the book if I put that much time into it.

3. After LRbible I plan to focus mainly on taking tests from the Superprep and more from the various "10 more" test books, as well as doing a little work with RC. I'll do this up until the October test.

4. After the test, without delay, I will go back over what I studied the month before and focus heavily on what gave me trouble and taking practice tests.

5. Take december test.

Please criticize my plan!

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