prep 37, section 4, # 14

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prep 37, section 4, # 14

Postby soyeonjeon » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:07 pm

B and E are contenders, I think. and I would appreciate it if someone could point out the core reason why B fails to become the answer. I could see the similarity between "even more" in the stimulus and "easier" in ans. E. But Why would B not be the answer?


14. The fact that politicians in a certain country are trying to reduce government spending does not by itself explain why they have voted to eliminate all government-supported scholarship programs. Government spending could have been reduced even more it instead they had cut back on military spending.

Which one of the following arguments is most similar in its reasoning to the argument above?

(B) The fact that Brooks has a part-time job does not by itself explain why he is doing poorly in school. Many students with part-time jobs are able to set aside enough time for study and thus maintain high grades
(E) The fact that Thelma’s goal is to become famous does not by itself explain why she took up theatrical acting. It is easier to become famous through writing or directing plays than through theatrical acting.

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