3rd retake?? need advice!

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3rd retake?? need advice!

Postby julie2012 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:29 am

hi everyone!

i'm in a bit of weird situation and could really use some advice!

i've taken the LSAT twice: 166 (Feb) and 168 (June). PTs were around 170 in Feb and around 174 in June so I feel I hugely underperformed on the actual thing. my target schools originally were GW, GTown and some of the lower T14s. with these scores of course, there's not much hope except for GW perhaps. i'm wondering if I should retake in october and aim for 170 (though apparently for me that means PTing in the 175+ region first :( ).

some concerns:
1) the registration deadline is in two weeks already and i'm currently abroad. gonna stay abroad, working without much time for studying until two weeks before the october test date, so not sure if I'll be able to raise my score significantly
2) how bad would it look if I register for a third time and then either withdraw because I feel I'm not ready or else take the test and get a 168 again?
3) just assuming I do get 170 on the third try, will it actually do me much good given the first two scores?

I'd much appreciate your thoughts on the matter! thanks in advance!

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