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Cancelled Prep Class Help

Postby Hjones33 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:58 pm

So I just had a Testmasters Prep Class cancelled that was supposed to start this Saturday. Especially frustrating since my class for the June test was also cancelled but it was in a college town and I have moved to a big city (500,000+) this summer thinking there is no way it would be cancelled. So yeah, Testmasters, you guys suck.

Anyway, I saw a "full length" powerscore class is going to begin on August 9th for the October test. Is that way too short of a time? I thought the testmaster class was cutting it close, but is the powerscore class going to give me enough time? There is 12 classes and four practice tests.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Really frustrated by the situation.


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Re: Cancelled Prep Class Help

Postby rshehadeh9091 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:28 pm

I know how you feel bro. I was scheduled to take a Testmasters course last summer and they cancelled it. It all depends on how long you plan to study each day till Oct. 6th? Some people say study six months out, 4 months, 3... a friend of mine took a practice test every day for three weeks, and ended up with a 175 on test day. While many people probably face the same challenges, with respect to the overall process of LSAT studying, the fact remains that everyone is different. Some people might take longer then others (vice-versa). Personally, I'm doing Manhattan's in-class course now and studying fulltime. Is it enough? We'll soon find out hah.

Right now I see two options (there are obviously more, but these are the two that just came to me):

Option 1) Take the powerscore course in August. Until then, spend these next two weeks reading through both the Games and Reasoning Bibles. Read them simultaneously, read each carefully, and see how far you get before the class starts. When class begins, do all the homework they assign and be confident that if you work hard and dedicate yourself to really learning this material (trying to master it)... that the Powerscore course will serve you well. Put the hard work in and 2.5 months should be enough. Besides, you'll know through your PTs if youre ready come test day. I think you will be :D

Option 2) Sign up for a self-study package from any of the test prep companies that provide them, and just bang out on your own, hard. Follow the lessons and handbook, utilize the student centers and other resources that come with whatever package you choose, and take practice tests on your own. Again, you'll know through your PTs if youre ready come test day.

Btw, concerning PT's, either way (self-study or in-class) take many, but remember, it's better to take 50% of all the PTs and really spend time going over your mistakes, as opposed to taking as many as you can. Since it's 2.5 months out, shoot for around 15-25. I printed out the calendar on my mac and scheduled around 25 all together, and just plan on reviewing my mistakes per the advice from: Great Advice on How to get 160+ on the LSAT...

Bro, being frustrated in warranted for sure. Just assess your options going forward, pick one soon (like in the next day or two) and remain confident cuz you know you made the right decision :mrgreen:

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