HELP! Logic Games Tutor NYC

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HELP! Logic Games Tutor NYC

Postby andreskicdo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:37 pm

I got a 160 in my test last October and decided to retake this October to apply next fall. I do really well in LR and RC, but althought my accuracy is good on LG, I cannot seem to get my speed up to finish all four games. I can barelly finish 3 games.

I will keep studying on my own until test day with practice tests and Powerscore books (incl. LG bible), but I think I really need help.

Does somebody know a great Logic Games tutor? If I am able to get my speed up to finish all foru games I am golden this October.

Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions to improve on games would be greatly appreciated.

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