December 2012 Retakers

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December 2012 Retakers

Postby tofuspeedstar » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:47 pm

Seems like everyone is taking the October test to try and get in on this cycle. For those applying next year and beyond who bombed the Feb/June tests this thread's for you folks.

I took the June test and did HORRIBLE. Like *>20 points than what I was scoring on timed PTs. I hope that now I have one under my belt, I know what to expect and can enter the December test with a calm focused state of mind and crush it. I don't want to take it a 3rd time.

I've exhausted most of my PTs (55-64) I'll be purchasing the few I don't have and go from there. Also I'll be re-reading the Powerscore Bibles (LG/LR) and purchased the Manhattan RC guide.

Also signed up for the Powerscore Course that runs from the beginning of October through November a few days prior to the test. I'm just going to start from scratch again.

Any other December retakers are welcome to chime in here.

I'm going to restart studying at the end of this month (when summer school ends)

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