My Plan A... thoughts???

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My Plan A... thoughts???

Postby rshehadeh9091 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:54 pm

Plan A:

Month 1 (July) - I get through powerscore's LGB and LRB first, then use powerscore's RCB or Manhattan's RC material (still undecided for that section)... and get through the three LSAT sections in three weeks, roughly. If I have to read one of the books over I will. The idea is that I want to give all sections the time each deserve. Example, I would rather spend solid time on RC now and once I start heavily PTing in the second month (August) I'm beginning to miss few or none in RC because my solid base formed in July.

Also, should I incorporate Nova's "Master the LSAT," and/or Kaplan's "LSAT 180," during my month 1 plan, and if yes, when/how?

The last week of July I'll get through "The Official LSAT SuperPrep" book before I officially start PTing in August.

Month 2 (August) - PT time and studying around my PT's. I have all the practice test I could get my hands on (1-59 etc, minus early ones that were only released in other books) and it's on! I'm going to be taking a PT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the month of August. Then Tues, Thurs, and Saturday I'll go over my mistakes. I'll be incorporating little tricks too like cutting out all my RC mistakes and putting them on notecards, etc. Also, if need be, I'll go back through my book materials for July to re-read/refresh any concepts etc I'm struggling with. During month 2 I'll take 15 practice tests.

Month 3 (September) - I haven't really thought about it yet. I read other TLS members saying during their month 3 some took a practice test almost everyday; some took another 15 (doing my six day split I have written done for Month 2; some just felt it out and took what they felt was working this last month; some even took two test during the same day. I feel like many said they took a practice test everyday during the last 7-9 days leading up to test day (with the day before taking it off!?). I don't know yet. I'd like to think I will take at least another 15 during August because I know my score will only increase with my PTing (and good reviews of my mistakes), right?

Quality on quantity... I want to take many practice tests not because many TLS members who answered the "What did you do: 160+" said they took at least 30, but rather, it just makes sense to me. The more PT's I take the more comfortable/confident I believe I'll become come actual test day.

Lastly, there are two 3 month prep courses starting this month: Testmasters and ManhattanLSAT, and two 2 month prep course starting in August: Testmasters Powerscore. I keep flirting with taking these because my study habits have not always been supreme... I just wonder what these classes can do for me that I can't do on my own. After all, I am study for the LSAT fulltime these next three months! Everyday for six days I week, if Im not in the gym for lifting I'm at UCI studying for 4-6 hours a day.

What if I did my plan A, and while following my practice test infused months of August and September, take the powerscore score just in case. Or, just do the personal tutoring package (either 5 hrs or 10 hrs).

Thoughts on all this?

My goal is on test day to score a 165+. high 160's would be great; low 170's would be super helpful for future plans (esp considering I have several factors working against me), but for now I want to focus on good increases in my score relative to braking into the 160's early on in my PTing. I wonder if i should just take a diagnostic now to see what I'm naturally capable of...

There is a plan B but it usually involves drugs, guns, girls and Vegas... kinda has nothing to do with the LSAT :twisted:

Kidding :mrgreen:

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