OCTOBER 2012: Daily Study Report!

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Re: OCTOBER 2012: Daily Study Report!

Postby boblawlob » Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:57 pm

echamberlin8 wrote:Hello, all. So I've decided to withdraw from the October test and write it in December for my first LSAT. I know a lot on here will say it's inadvisable to take it so late in the application cycle, but I simply wasn't posting the scores I wanted when I took a practice test this past weekend. I got a 164, which isn't anywhere close to my 170+ goal. I have not had enough time to study as of late, because my work schedule has blown up like crazy. I have been staying to 9-10 on most work nights, and that just isn't good for the kind of studying I want to do. On top of that, work is simply very stressful (for those who don't know, I work as a paralegal at a BigLaw firm). Things are supposed to die down here somewhat on my case after October, so hopefully I will be ready come December.

I've been studying for a while now (since the spring, on and off), but I haven't done any serious cramming, and I've only taken 5 PTs so far. I was waiting to PT more until after I finished the Manhattan LG book, which I finally finished about a week ago. I hadn't taken a PT in over a month, and wanted to gauge if I sat for the October LSAT based on that PT. I had a particularly bad day when I took it, but still, a 164 is nowhere near what I want to get. I got two 165's in a row over a month ago, so I wasn't even testing what I used to be.

Hopefully this is the right decision for me. I don't really want to wait till the next application cycle, since I don't want to stay at this job for two more years, but if that's what it takes to get into the schools I want to get into (Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, or NYU), then so be it.

Is it possible to apply before one's LSAT grades are in, and then tell the admissions office to wait to read it until my LSAT scores come in? That way I could apply "early" (November or October), while still taking the LSAT in December. The way I look at it, this doesn't really hurt, since it's not like I could wait and apply again this cycle even if I retook the LSAT after bad December scores. I'd have to apply next cycle anyways, no matter what my LSAT score is.

Just food for thought. Hope you all are doing well with your LSATs and good luck in less than a week! I really wanted to be at a higher score by now, but I guess I just didn't have the discipline to study harder when I've been pushed so hard at work. I know some can do it, but it's been tough for me. The last thing I want to do after a 12+-hour work day is sit down and take a full-length PT.

If worst comes to worst, I will simply wait another year and try again next cycle.
How many times have you taken the LSAT, jw?

My PT avg is around a 165 but I've PT'd into the 170s (on tests previously taken). I mean everyone says "I could use more time." But for me I've already taken the LSAT twice...mid 150s both times...yet I'm still aiming at the 170s. And I've already taken a year off from school and I can't afford to put it off for another 3 months (although I said that back when I took the last LSAT and that did not go well...).

So in essence, I'm just trying to figure out what went into your decision for postponing? I mean I've been in those shoes back in June when I decided to postpone for Oct...yet my PT avg is still at 165...but my understanding and mental process is much better.

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Re: OCTOBER 2012: Daily Study Report!

Postby echamberlin8 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:34 pm

I've never taken the LSAT before. I've done five full-length PTs. My scores on those have been 155 (diagnostic), 160, 165, 165, and 164.

I've been out of school since '09. I work at a job I like pretty well, so I have no problems postponing going to law school for another year if need be. If anything, I think more time at a full-time job relevant to the legal field would help my applications, so I guess I am in no hurry to go to law school. Honestly, I just haven't studied enough for the LSAT as of yet. I've only taken 5 full-length PTs, including my diagnostic. Just haven't been able to put in the necessary time to study yet. I'm not a person very good at cramming. I'd rather take a long time to get comfortable with the material, instead of doing it all at once. And also at the moment I just don't have the time to do it all at once that others have.

I take it you're taking the test on Saturday, Bob? I wish you the best. Be sure to report back with how you do.

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